Saturday, January 8

heys ppl.. im trying hard to fix my blog but as apparent my bars on the right are like totally screwed up. anyways will just try to fix it or seomthin.

anyways. just came back from hospital n dinner.feeling strangely contented haha. today was really topsy turvy came back from yenglings house n actually didnt sleep haha. basically had lunch n watched some concert which was really good cox they were like rasing funds fer the tsunami victims n every star was dere to sing so yupp. very watchable there haha. attempted to slp after that but couldn cox i was feelin too full haha.then went to hospital to visit my aunt's mum who is like pretty sick la..but on the other hand she looks pretty ok too..i mean like..healthy haha.ok mayb not healthy but not vah sick.ah whatever.

ok.yester went fer stayover at yenglings house with some og ppl.it was really fun.as in like fer once we broke the gender divide n were laughing all thru the night over nothin in particular.like FINALLY.haha.tecktee had to run cox there was some miscomm w his parents n layming didnt stay yupp.but we went over to her house n started to talk crap. like really in n out crap.still couldn hear e whole anrong story haha.but oh well.hes a happy man.

anyways it wwas rainin when layming left so we like sent her down.or rather i did la haha.then we found a cab after liek 5 mins n she was like MUST msg me when u get back k.haha. she made it sound so kong bu that when i was making my way up i could felt damn freaked haha.played cards n stuff when i got back n then bathed...george was damn funny. i think he said something like terence do u wanna bathe or something haha. which got all of us in yet another bout of major laughter haha.basically we were like all laughing n laughing thru the whole night.laughed about eating a banana choco mousse cake at 5am.laughed about drinking vitagen.laughed about picitoinary.which we like played fer the whoel night haha.we just laughed n laughed n laughed. xingjuan sounds liek shes having fits. kaihee n me n yengling vibrate like mad.george doesnt get it most of the time.terence sounds like he is crying n anrong is like hee.heee. woo sounds like hyenna. haha.

ok.. feeling abit tireed now. shall go bathe n see howss. haha.why do i suddenly miss u.why is it only when i choose to give up tt ill miss u.n i love you too.

nights everyone.tc.hope phuxion stays alive.hope 1s03p will be fun. i have a feelin it wil haha.