Thursday, October 13

maybe i was only so disappointed.
so hurt becos it came from you.
maybe it was just ur bad luck
or maybe i just thought it wouldn b u
of all ppl.
it just wouldn be
there r lots of maybes.
but one things for sure.
it isnt your fault.
if tts the last thing i could say to you.
or the last thing you would hear from me.

the art of sayin sorry.lies in sayin sry fer somethin u din say do or wanted.but being sincere.becos the party who receives the apology.really deserves it.ask me who im doing it for. ask me why. i cant ans. interestingly. i cant. ur only makin me more determined to climb higher.im not afraid of heights.ill never be.i used to be.not now. not anymore.

i seem to b puking out more than im eating these few days. hrm.mayb i shall see a doc. soon. must b ulcers according to mum.youmin. i guess ur rgt...we both noe why.sigh.but man.we have no stretching limits rgt.so big deal.fang ma guo lai.