Friday, January 28

heyy.im dying.my toes a mess.i haf like given up on it totally. i ddunno what to make of it.i dunno whether to wrap it up or leave it to dry n heal.i dunno. i really dun.n it hurts like CRAzee.n my elbow has a blue black. i haf no idea how tt happened.oh well. anyway..enuff bout this rubbish.theres nothin i can do besides dress it. to make my suffer less n happier...i bought garfield plasters to paste haha. : D this is e epitome of ku zhong zuo le if not i also dunno howss..

anyway.no lectures today..pretty ok la..did a mini gp essay after cv n had bio prac.e prac was hilarious.to start with. im sure everyone had so much fun staring at their eyelashes.n when u stare n find the sample finally it somehow always HAPPENS to disappear into nothingness.argggh.n then we had to do refocusin ..things just leapt in n out of focus.i suppose i had a better time cox e microscope was pretty kind to me today n dint play tricks on me.i could see what i wanted to see. n alot of grime n gross bacteria or whatever which i didnt really fancy looking at haha :D but tts fine. at least i finished it proper haha.had an even more hilarious chem tutorial aft tt.it was so absolutely funny haha : D it was more like teaseee.n we just kept luaghin thru e lesson.

anyway aft tt went fer lunch then library with wanlin eexiu n minli to wait fer shiyun haha met wantian there n we started to yak n yak n well yak. even old friends like liyong came up in our conver haha.-i do wonder why-. n then i met daph n so we talked n somehow i left my pencil case with her haha so im going to get it from her on mon haha. no choice mahh. thank u daph.love u :D

went to thomson plaza. oh. b4 tt. horrors n tragedy-quoted- did i mention i ddint bring my wallet ot sch?? so absolutely intelligient thing to do rgt. my gosh. iw anted to knock my head on e wall lor. what a dumb thing to do. aft i took my moneyy yester i happily fell asleep on my wallet n forgot to take it this morn. argh. stupid spastic thing to do.okok.shall stop complainin.anyway. me n shiyun just talked n talked n talked from rj to thomson n kfc n popular n ntuc haha.just kept on yakking : Ddidnt get to buy what i set out to but tts ok haha i managed to get a pen n some stuff n most imptly. i got those garfield plasters! --yay--clapp clapp clapp.it noe it sounds super dumb. but i cant help but think its a positive side to hurting urself haha. ok this so crap.

oh did i mention i saw chinghui playing badminton at concourse haha : D he sure has unlim energy. - ok this is veh random haha jus thought of it-

im listening to a whole series of beautiful sad songs. haha it kinda fits my state now.these songs soothe u.they really do haha. weekends here liao :D hope eveyrone gets a good well deserved rest haha. nights.

n i love u too.