Wednesday, March 2

heyy ppl.wed entry fer once.becos umin reflected tt my weekly entries too far apart.haha.oh well.welllll.anyway.today chi dance went to kallang to zou tai : D quite a nice experience even thou we all ended with yet more injuries all over e place.not just injuries la.we now haf blisters : p n my toe hurt so much it was shivering at pulses on its own.n i decided to try e pressure technique. ie. i used four plasters n BOUNDED them as tightly as possible to e toe. to press e pain down literally. thank u xiuwen fer being my plaster nanny : D lao shi sorta passed us on stage so we dinthafta go back to cont syf. but we went back anyway fer dance night. choreoed abit here n there. pieces r coming n we hope they fit : D oh yes. n angie n nianzu got in -hurray- angie. shuo guo ni yi ding xing! :D haha. anywayy theres chem test tml so id better get going. dun wanna flopp. haha dance tml will b drillin : p looks like hafta da qi jing shen n do full out -quote lao shi- haha
ok will get going now.

n i love u too.

-如有雨洒求再洒洒 红棉盛放墓边开花...