Thursday, May 5

heyy..what an odd time to blog.thurs isnt a typical blogging day fer me..but just had e impulse to do so..guess theres just some things i really wanto say.but never ever got the chance to.so ill just write it all out.mayb not all but still.nvm.

been really really busy with dancengt n invesdance this week.did choreo n stuff n hopefully the item will turn out nice. just like im pretty confident e song would haha.well done honloong n kwan fer composing.anyway.im pretty worried fer e dance..abit. scared..i just really dun wan ppl to fall asleep on us.dun wan ppl to say our dance is like damn boring or something..ugh.worry just envelopes me whenever i think of dance.then theres drilling to do.'our tone n direction is all wrong'quote kwan.we need more energy n sharpness n accuracy.now we've only gotten e skeleton.enough fer some.but far far away fer e front rows..honestly i applaude all of our spirit n ability.but reality check says.. we r still below par. nvm. with our spirit.we can do anythin : D i hope we prove me rgt. i just really really really wan it to go really well.

ok. inves dance aside.theres dancengt.ahh.hope all e ppl whom i really wan them to come can come...and hope it goes well..n i love e kitaro costume. looks damn nice. totally in love with e pants haha. those who watch will get to see its premiere : D ill b dancin fer you.

i tried to let u go.but then i couldnt.i tried to let me go. but then i couldn.so in e end.i still held on.n mayb it doesn matter anymore.i just dun know.i dun even know what im writing here.somethin ill regret when i read back?i hope not.but really.it doesn matter.least to u.

to you.yao hao hao zhao gu zi ji ok.a promise's a promise and ill b there.n besides till i find a way to shut my ears. ill b there to listen to everythin. yes i promise e talking session. soon as time is available k..yao xue hui fang shou.na de qi.jiu bu neng bu fang xia ok..even if it means losing somethin u thought was integral.but just like u think u mean nothin to someone.u should noe u mean e world to someone else.u dun actually have e right to hurt urself.becos ur life isnt just urs.i think u know what im saying.xin you ling xi k.no matter what.rem to turn this way ok.you r as happy as u wan urself to be..



n i love u too.