Saturday, April 30

he is everythin u want he is everythin u need he says all the rgt things at exactly the rgt times...
this entry. is so untimely.yet so timely.to eli terence tecktee.i know u all did beautifully.thats my confidence in u all. really. whatever that came out doesn actually matter.as long as u had no regrets whatsoever.no matter what happens.this is still a milestone.u will prolly rem e sweat n tears n late nights n all. but rem. the bittersweet joy that comes with e end of syf...

it makes no difference if u put in ur all n someone else doesn rgt.everyone will die together.it so painful now.oh so painful. pretty torturous.jus not fun.im suffering from fatigue. i think so at least.chronic.

to you.when nothin seems to work anymore.theres always someone. 相知相惜yupp. i hope u read this.really.sometimes.its just e constants in life that matter.take care of urself n the sorethroat k.

stuff fer thought.i wonder myself.


becos i heard u playing fer me.

n i love u too