Tuesday, January 11

hi everyone : D its tues today..ok not like my entry doesnt say rgt on top. tuesday.hahah.nvm. anyway today was a super super slack day. there was only like what. one lecture at 11.so went in the morning just fer like assembly dilly dally abit here n there n went up to class. where to my absolute amusement i saw chingwern doing his chem tutorial la :D that was eye opener. exactly whose brain is on at 8am anyways.so with him as an immense motivation the rest of the class ended up doing chem tutorial too haha.charmaine n clara had some friends from hc coming over so they went down after awhile to go pick them up haha. then lydia limin puisan wanlin n me went ot wander around our sch n chekc out the campus. whihc seriously needed some major checking out cox its huge haha. went to the labs n staffrooms n the library. library looked like E place fer whiling away time haha.

yupp. we went back to class aft photocopyin some stuffs n attempted to cont chem tutorial. tt is. with the exception of me coz i loaned my tutorial out ot eddison. lets see. oh we went down fer food supposedly but i ended up meeting the 403 ppl fer some major catching up session n discussions. veh intellectual ones as a mater of fact haaha. rgt geri. rgt cheen.

n finally aft a super duper energy wasting wait it was math lecture.plus a math tutorial which ill choose a nice time later to start. -did i mention finish?- haha.

its huan's birthday today.n yupp im a prettu pok cousin to forget n need angie to remind haha. thanks dear : D anyways. happy birthday huan..

met an old friend aft sch in geri's og. like OLD friend haha. since the pri sch days.2 as a matter of fact haha

shall sign off now.tis is totally verbal diarrhea.oh i did say kungfuhustle is quite cute? just watched it haha. nights everyone. n i love u.