Thursday, July 21

decided that id better queeze an entry in or id never get down to it.lifes a roller coaster ride mann.this week?been down in the positive u shape graph.how typically ironic.but its doesn matter anymore.or does it.wait..im not too sure.what do i want.i dun want anythin.its what she wants.not me.zui wu gu de di san zhe.haha not in that typical sense in case anyone was wondering.wo hai mei zi ge haha.anyway. got cts all back liao.i guess i cant b complaining.but nowhere near good.so well.its up to me n the next test to make out what it should b ahha.shui yuan bahh.

grad night.sambadeamigos.m i permitted to start praying from now tt it wil turn out well.jiayou amy.we can do it.we will do it: Dtelepathic arent we haha. oh welll.n jiayou to all my darlin comm members who have been sloggin their asses off. i thankk u sincerely on behalf of the function ics plus e seniors haha : p but really. no matter how hard it is.we have all stuck together.just survive this month k.things will b abit easier after like mid aug.but dun ever lose sight of our goal!haha.ritzcarlton on 7 dec.

a veh impt person in my life is havin a veh impt event tml haha.heres my veh fated wish fer my veh fated darling.
fated-heyy fated.missed u muchly since we've stopped intensive prac.i dun even see u at pracs nowadays!-horros-n yes.i miss dancin with too even thou u r like 20 times better than me haha :D anyway. its ur gym com tml..i dunno whether i can go down. but ill try my best k..n darl.dun say u r not prepared. cox i noe u definitely are.just take care. smile.rem smileeee.n the stage is all urs.break a leg fer tml.ill b praying fer u.u owe me tt long forsaken letter.haha.rem our date fated.. :Dloveutoo.

time fer dinnerr.. one sane day when i actually can get home before everyone else at home has finished their dinner haha.shall go off guaily then.be back fer grad llater : p


n i love u too.