Sunday, May 14

dad came back today. he went to xiamen where i stayed fer 3yrs when i was young. so when he ame back all of us were chasing him fer "is this stil there.." "is that still there.." haha. apparently my pri sch is still there. n so is my nursery. n so is where we used to stay. but my fav eatery has moved:( n alot of other stuff changed too. e wet market we used to go to has been chopped in half n e other half moved somewhere else. haha.anywayy. i doubt ull b really interested in where all these old places r n what not.

likeqin has a superb voice. crystal clear n so rich. wows me everytime i hear him sing (like now haha)

i dunno why i suddenly felt like blogging.well well. u noe. thks fer giving me the courage. thks fer everythin uve done fer me onstage n offstage. i suddenly felt like sayign it. thou we were rushign thru every step cox of natural restrictions imposed on us. im glad we managed to stay fated. haha. loveu.

n i wanna remind u. when u asked how many yous were u. u were all of them :) grins.


goodnight world!

n i love u too.

amarante 06 has finally come to an official ending (save fer e qing gong yan) n i shant say too much bout it herecox somehow. i haven sorted out my thoughts so i haf no idea what to say either.but i will. haha. when ive sorted it out.just one thing i must say.is tt ive never regretted it. i said it once last yr. ill say it again.i love what im doing SO much. im willing to go thru everythin. everytime. anytime.

there used to b stuff written here. it used to b a draft. but it remains unwritten now as far as im concerned.its not good to b not cryptic rgt.. i havent written here in super super long. n fer various reasons i havent.

yourebeautiful.yourperfect.butidunno.imayneverbewithu. budden again. if i nv said anythin. then im sure it cldn b the above. cox im a head person haha.

ok ill b going off fer piano ensem concert in awhile. actually a long while hahaa. lets see. this wkend has been quite slp filled fer me.which is goood n bad but nvm tts another story.

find somone whos willing to wait fer u. silently n always there. oh well.


yi bu dong ying wan dong. i haf no idea. if i cld say im sorry then it wldn b so hard. but thing is haha. i cant! wel. tts a good things in more ways than one. but a bad thing in a way. ahhhh.


its a long week ahead with all e rehearsals n dunno what>< but nvm it shldn b too bad.but id rather it b dance HAHA. i miss dancing oh no. i havent danced fer ONE wk.omg.faints.n i must up my muggin power.sigh. so unappetising. but nvm. i better make sure i start dancing soon soon soon.hehe. like nxt wk. but after which i will MAYB do somethin bout my cranky ankle which still hurts tilll now.gr.ahaha haf a nice sunday everyone!'

n i love u too.