Sunday, August 28

im surprised i actually managed to sneak some time to update haha.yea. the week from hell is over... quite peaceful i guess.. math test wasnt veh comforting but nonetheless, there was abit of saving grace in phy n bio spa. oh well. then there was the supposed-to-b-3-hrs-ended-up-being-nearly-4-hrs chem lesson on fri which nearly drove everyone nuts.tt includes our darling tchr too.by like 3 plus we were pretty incoherent.n by 4 she just about stopped digesting what was presented on the board by hanxu n jus went on to present her prepared ans.haha.n everyone was either sleeping.talking.stoning.i think we even lost interest in complaining haha.i was sandwiched btwn limin n ching n we just sat there randomly laughing about nonsense stuff.haha.oh n how limin claims tt koos handwriting is neat aft all. haha. then there was hongyue who consistently borrowed liquid.haha.what a resounding boom to a fri afternoon.

had grad meeting then tchrs day decor aft tt.missed tchrs day meeting but anyway.oh n i squished in a meeting with fated:D fer budget proposal over dinner too.but tt dinner was.suffice to say.veh sad.i knew i was hungry but just cldnt eat haha.totally no appetite.i had a good mind to go home n slp la.e u r going to fall sick feel was consuming me.bleah.but anyway.went fer gm after all.u know sometimes its not exactly too good to have unique -n ugly- handwriting becos u cant fake.anyway.gm went pretty okayly too i guess..usual stuffs.welfare happened to b sitting in one row so boss got a resounding welcome when he went up to do his update haha.

lets see.stayed back aft gm to finish painting the giant apple.n dar had like 3 hrs of slp tt day n i had such an awfully long day tt we both ended up highly zombified-n may i add veh veh incoherent- when we finally finished.n best thing was jun actually thought i was kidnappedo.O n when she called i talked to her fer a full 5mins wo noeing who she was haha.interestign hurr.she has just been promoted to council mummy yeaa:D

ended up reaching home at bout midngt haha.what a noble sacrifice.yawnnn.and sat we finally did the tree we have been draggin fer a good one month aft batch talk. it looks veh chio. n veh like a tree to me haha.but i dunno what everyone else thinks haha.oh well.n the super cute mushies too!! haha.lovethem.cox i drew them.hehh.thickskinned.

what an eventful wkend.nxt wks not gonna b any better.rehearsals fer tday.putting up decor.dance prac:D n a potential decor comm qing gong yan :Dwhich i think its veh justified haha.we worked.well. quite hard i guess?haha.well at least we got good feedbakc frm tchrs..pray hard fer the rest of the decor to go well!

hrm.wonder.ponder.imagine.i will refuse to look.

fer u if it applies :p

nights everyone.tc
n i love u too.