Thursday, January 20

hey ppl : D someone called luahyoumin just tagged to complain tt im abit lousy in keeping my blog. SORREh laa. dui bu qi haha. at least u were kind enuff to tag la k.anyway.today was pretty ok.cv became hodge talk.then 2 lectures. gp where we had ms loh who went on n on like motormouth.shes got humor.cynnical sense at least.-just whats with britney in like 2 ponytails- haha.

anyway.went fer rifle tryouts today too so funn.oh n i went to courts just to find iggy trying out fer vball.good luck. haaha letss see. pretty shagged. went home aft tt. not before buying groceries at the ntuc outside my house.did i mentions theres this indian lady who went ot the cashier n asked the price of EVERY item. n she isnt blind. cox she points to the pricetag n ask how much is this. ARGGGh. n she even asked the cashier is this insecticide good not. she took SO long just to pay up lorr. i wanted to die. its not veh exciting when u haf to stand there. stop urself from sleepin in public n listen to her crap all at one time.its a VEH diff thing as a matter of fact.

yawn.msnin with my og ppl n shi n angie n co al at the same time. its taxing on poor brains of mine.haha.anyway.og outing tml.thanks to my cousin deciding tt he wanna get married this wekend. i cant go. like THANK you. ugh. but anyway. wedding shi xi shi mah haha. ok. shall forgive him then. at least ill be joinin dinner -so ahQ but nvm-haha. okok. i better stop this verbal diarrhea. but did i mention how much i HATE pills. not the anti-drug pill. but pill pill. anyway.i still forced it down. literally. its gross.eww.

nights everyone..
and i love u too : D