Sunday, August 21

yawn..sun morn.next weeks gonna b quite.traumatic haha.need to do some extensive muggin.n intensive too.sigh..shall like choose not to think bout it when i blog or this will b such a depressing entry.this week has been...how do i say it.rollercoasterish?maybe.mayb not.some really infuriating table problems.reallllly.irritating ones.budden again its only everyday business that crap comes our way isnt it.haha.big deal.

on a lighter note, the last few days of the working week was spent quite interestingly haha.to start with, tchrs day decor comm went into full steam on wed haha.dar n me completed like 3 banners in 3 evenings :D n man they look really really chio.haha this com is really quite happy.it has like zero stress. n the nonsense we talk when doing this noble stuff is pretty entertaining haha.n besides.e essence of this is good work.good company hahah. but the sch should really not have that auto lighting system. we were painting the gigantic apple on fri then just when ced n dar finish pasting all the plastic n we started to sketch out e apple, the lights offed on us o.O then an hr later the lgihts came back on. what a relieve haha.but suffice to say. it was quite short termed.halfway thru. ok not halfway but about nine oh five they offed it again!!!ended up relying on the emergency exit sign's lgt, some stairway lights n street lights.nvm.at least we completed.left the words:p

i dun really noe why.this is so confusing.said some wrong things mayb.n dint think of its effects..i shld have expected.shld have guessed.but id rather not.hai shi an bing bu dong.too tired.too busy.too much to think.too lil grey matter hoho.

fated--haha im beginning to think that heyy.we're too fated liao.scarrrry.haha.but yes darl.love u too:Dtc n dun stress too ok.if not cannot dance liao haha.

shii--u know me too well.haha.loveu.tc alrgt.


n i love u too.