Friday, May 20

i had to make this a separate entry fer fear that the ppl im sendin this out to wun actually reach this before falling asleep. so yea. its 19 may haha.

zhunian.darl.i cant thank you enough fer taking care of me.fer praying fer me.fer worryin fer me.fer dancing with me.fer being so similar in thinkin as me.fer goign thru tough times n good ones with me.fer standin rgt there-both in person n in spirit-ive spent so much time with u over e past months..from syf prac in jan all e way up to dance ngt performances.i hope it never ends.ill reply that letter real soon.n i must thank u fer being the perfcet partner fer kitaro.all that i could ever ask fer.thats u.whenever we run into the position..the smile just comes naturally.somehow.it feels so much better.the style n expressions are so much better when im dancin with u haha.duet rem!i can smile just thinking bout it.thats e part of the dance that i like best.n i believe its u n solely u who made the difference.to better n funner times ahead.love u.ill b hangin with u darlin fated.

angie.sisters.soulmates.dancers.thanks fer being there.u made me cry.n ill always love u.thanks fer loving me.need i say more-

se.always there.to bring smiles into the darkest hour.to go mad with.to be my se.n to yell se whenever u see me haha.miss hot.ill b there.loveu.

char vizanne kang2 yvonne qing yingsha ximeng anita rach.thank u all fer giving me so many memories.fer teaching me so much.fer sticking with me thru all e weird hours.cheers to a great yr ahead.n i hope u dance.

dezhi.thanks fer e flowers.milobar.100plus.phonecalls.msgs.thanks fer being such a great support.fer listening to me n telling me everythin will b just fine.fer just being there.just being you.sometimes it just the constants that matter.thanks fer being just that.and yes.at e end of e day.i hoped u liked it becos i was.after all.dancing fer u.u held it up fer me.u were there fer me.i wouldn forget.becos.i promised.besides.some things just dun hafto b said.xiang zhi xiang xi.

daryl.i dunno what id do wo u.its really so much easier with u around.ur constant support throughout the four performances -by default : D- made a whole lot of difference.to know that someone in e audience matters so much to me made every dance more meaningful.more expressive.and ur bouquet just made char n vizanne so jealous haha n made this whole stretch of performances so much sweeter.i see now u were saving e best fer e last.or mayb u were just making sure e performance was up to par to warrant ur bouquet haha.either way.thanks.fer telling me to tahan.to ren.to hang on.fer telling me u will catch me if i got flung outta e window.or if i flung myself out : p fer spending so much time with me when i know u had so many better things to do.-i cant fathom how u think u can be a better buddy : p- fer helping me thru the darkest darkest times.even fer sharing the locker.thanks even.sadistic as it may sound.fer the heartache.everythin else ill write in e book.i really hope u liked e performances.becos without u seeing me thru.i wouldn have been on stage.becos you're irreplaceable.

n i love u too