Sunday, March 27

a rainy cloudy day today.somewhat my favorite weather.really. my favorite favorite feel.its veh nice.i just really like e whole gan jue.sometimes i dunno whether im head or heart.haha.i just love the feel of rainy days.cloudy windy rainy.i dun even know what im saying actually: p just that i love the rain.hence today is a happy day.haha.wuliao.

anyway.comin weeks really hectic.so i doubt i can blog in at all. haf imcb from wed to fri.hope its fun: D -hope dezhis rgt bout imcb-then theres dance on mon tues wed thurs n sat.n then theres interview tml.n dance ngt auditions on wed.i wonder how i can fly around fer these few days.just hope everything turns out fine fine fine.pls just let it go myway.

jun thanks so much.missinu.n rest assured no one takes ur place.cheers.daphy yi qie yu guo tian qing le.chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi.angie darl.take this wk easy k.dun hurt ur toes haha.zhunian!haha.my dance partner.dunno whether u will see this.but anyway.wear green more!: D youmin.will always water add fertiliser to u ok.dun fret.turn around n wo hui zai na li.

dinner beckons.i just hope everythin will fall into place.nice n fine.
但放得下 不等于忘得了

n i love u too.