Sunday, April 9

weekend again.i wish it was. weekend always haha. but oh well. mayb wo weekdays u wouldn b thankful fer wkends-ponders-
lets see whats been exciting bout the week.well cox of schoolwide participation in oc fri became a wed so we had pe on a fri which has never occured in more than a yr haha. well pe was hihgly uneventful except fer a few extra rounds from usual which is alot of toil for someone like me who finds it tough walkin along the corridor (note corridor not steps) haha.i believe my muscles r complainin but too bad lorr.

prac on fri was drill drill drill n fated was going so mad she turned into a drill. haha. not tt ill forget stop. bei shou. haha. tt was damn bleahish. but on second thoughts its quite amusing how one person can make the same mistake everytime n how von has the nai xin to stop everytime n restart. n how ppl like me still find it funny ahahhaa. but drillin is like tt mah. shld expect it. its just going to go uphill. we r less than a month away! haha

after extra tuition by e two of us we went down to the tailors at river valley. to my surprise i found tt it was directly opp ju shi ling ( i think its called buddhist lodge) wher ei go fer various reasons thruout the yr. explains why i found it SO familiar haha. her office is the older kinda buildings where the lift fits like 10 ppl at max max max with everyone breathin down each others neck haha. von said it reminded her of old nafa (random) anyway tailors trademark accessory's their measuring tape around the enck haha. these few days ive fallen into the cycle of calling tailor fer this that n everythin. arguin n discussin n digging thru all her clothes. its quite interesting to be ic-ing the production of 3 sets of cloithes all at one go haha. fun n veh stressful. hope they turn out well onstage!

anyway after tt we trooped down from wherever she was to somerset mrt where von took to city hall cox she has stuff to buy n i took up to tp which brought me safely home fer yet another day. haha. such trivia.

sat was the much publicised. trumpet blowin gigantic event called 25a haha.well i spent an entire day campin at that busstop next to rtc with akk n cyrus from first aid. n i was sufficiently amused by our kbox sessions there where they filled me in with eng songs of all ages n times.ive learnt alot of new things bout akk too haha. its the learning process they call it! i sorta looked thru the bus guide at the busstop a few million times to figure where i could go from there haha. brought bao gong de gu shi with me there n read quite abit thou i coudn finish. looked at the rain fer a good 15mins as it got hevaier n heavier n disappeared after tt.

n today. today was bai qing ming haha. the car queues along the cemetery every yr says alot bout how tradition still has a place in singapore. mayb its jin xiao dao. mayb its religion. or anythin else. but qing ming is still quite a zhong shi-ed occasion fer chi. bro visited the poratble toilets there n he wasnt exactly approving of it. but cmon man. he cld have been doin it like somehwere much more public so mayb he shld b thankful fer that lil bluegreen cuboid of a toilet aft all hhahaha. anyway visited my maternal grandma n grandad n spent aorund like 3 hrs there or somethin. mayb longer. then after that we all trooped off to lunch at ntu canteen. the portion n the price are both crazy la. so muhc n so cheap haha. they r really scared e students get too hungry or soemthin. most of the undergrads i saw walkin around looked like they jus woke up. which i think they did actually. considerin its the hols now haha.

goodness i dint realise ive been blabbering so much haha. think id better go slp. if i go fer interviews tml ill b out from 8am-830pm dancing n danicng n dancing. hallejulah amitabha. tts like. love it. hahah. -i must rem to bring a towel tml-

goodnight world. haf a great week ahead.

fated. just want u to noe tt i love u veh veh much. tc n jiayou k! last week to cheong n we'll b one perf down!hugggs. loveufated!

n thank u ill cheng zhu de. of cox ill. im doin what i love!(albeit in excess sometimes but nvm rgt?) thks fer being more than always there. xie le!

n i love u too.