Tuesday, May 31

heyy darls. shall blog in on my WHOLE surgical procedure today since well. its been three days since my toe got stitched and started to heal..

friday.2.45 pm finally got out of the century's most exciting lesson. rushed down to council rm cox i was told to by charmaine haha. *note that i can still rush at this time* n my-oh-my what a surprise was waiting fer me haha.ok it wasnt veh surprising. but its definitely touching. n so sweet i think all the ants are crowding outside council rm now :D anyway. i think jun, kangya, wes, guanghao and a few others were there.. i cant really rem now..stm haha.but they handed me a card, a sunflower and a HUGE HUGGLY SQUISHY turtle!!!im positively in love with it. yes i dun swoon over toys but im now. haha. love it.so after some odd fototaking.and some even odder singing.which sounded like. i was going somewhere faraway.both literal n metaphorically :p. i left my file in locker n headed off.oh not to forget. shawn thought it was my birthday cox of the spread haha:D thank u 25ths. thank u all darls.fer mummying me caring fer me. sticking with me n hanging with me haha.i just love u all. fer everythin :D

3.45pm reached SGH clinic H fer ortho outpatient. took a queue no. realised its about five million miles away from the current no. n went to sleep.no joke. i fell asleep : p when i woke up. went in to see e doc. who. like every other doc/nurse/ahma/assistant/surgeon i saw that day. was utterly amazed at my ability to drag an open injury fer like 5 months. n when i told them it was cox i had to dance.n dance.ndance. their jaws dropped.no joke.it did. haha. concluded i had an imense pain threshold..

ok i give up writing time cox i realise i lost track of it myself as time wore on.patience wore on.n worry heightened : p anyway. clinic h dint wanto lemme do it that day cox they dint have operating theatre (ot) there. so i de-registered myself at the docs suggestion and transfered myself downstairs to the a&e. took temp. went to the triage nurse. she asked. on a scale of ten. whats the pain u feel now. i was like. urm5? n she said wahh. infection till likdat still five haha. oh did i mention e scales really interesting cox it has faces to correspond to every no. n the face on no. 10 was like.clearly being tortured haha.

anyway. within a&e i got transfered from one doc to another.all say the same thing.do the same thing.wear double glove. prod prod. n then transfer me. AGAIN. haha. anyway. after alot of walkin from rm dunno what to rm dunno what to rm dunno what. finally got to the surgeon.

n after another long wait, alot of explanation. finally got onto the operating table *i make it sound oh so exciting* i shall skip all e details cox its really late now. update again in another entry. haha : p

anyway. after op. i could no longer walk. lost alot of bld fer that kind of op. n well. i was feeling really odd. cox my toe was like one big baluku haha. n not much feeling.limped alot. i think im getting used to limping. which is nt good. n im barred from dancing fer like dunno how long : ( im going to get damn rusty haha.

ok... i gave an overview of what happend to me on friday haha. but its already tues now... batch meeting tml. gotta wake up early. rather. earl-IER haha. compared to these few days. sleep like pig. haha. nights world. nights darl.nights toe.


n i love u too