Saturday, August 13

u know what relieve is.relieve is when ticket sales are comin to a close n u actually survived.relieve is when u meet e min no. of tables needed fer it to actually happen.relieve is when.woah.11 n 12 aug is over.haha.i guess we all know what relieve is ehh.before anything.three cheers to all in the grad night comm plus poon fer surviving.haha.i guess we are all veh glad that we have one veh large thing off our minds.phew.just one more monday. plus some admin work. n part two is over.of cox we cant forget that heyy.theres auditions coming up next week plus some other stuffs.hrm.anyway.im just glad this portion is over.really.glad.

had dance on thurs.haha.e meeting aft tt was absolutely hilarious.chidance is always super jovial.haha.i think i wouldn haf survived if i dint have such a happy cca hoho.whats with al those crazy pracs as well.its a veh.fam cca.haha.anyway.se fated angie n me got put into the food plus token of appreciation plus rubbish bin comm fer some midautumn fest performance with chi soc haha.can u imagine.the token in the bin!!haha.oknvm.we shall all not visualise hehh.

me n darren plus all e welfarers haf just became the official art club of council.haha.jian ping guo.oh well.time to get dinner.hopefully next week will b successful.i dunno in which way.in every sense i guess?n i hope our apple tree holds tgt haha.

i think i shouldn guess.would i be lettin u down if i dint cont.mayb it wasnt anythin afterall.just me dreaming a lil dream.would it be better off.unreal.intangible.n just not there.i dunno if i wil.n im sorry.oh well.its a new week ahead.cheers.

请你回头 我会陪你一直走到最后

n i love u too.