Friday, March 31

friday once again. this week. was so horrific. haha.dance dance dance!the WHOLE wk.eveyrday for more than 4 hrs each. save me. haha. ive no legs left. no proper looking knees or whatever left! haha. its like a repeat of last yr. just thrice the intensity n difficulty n expectation. hoho. sounds perfect.im using SO much tape to keep my foot in that i think i can become 3m's best consumer-after council tt is-

this is stressful. we haf first tech run on the 12th. we havent fiinished. well im glad we did 6 more eights. but theres 8 more. im supposed to b doing them now but gp's beckonin me. how gross haha. i dunno what to do. allthe subsequent sats will b taken up by council. so ill b missing alot of pracs. ugggh. its not fun goin fer driling. but its necessity. n u cant pon dance pracs tt u scheduled urself! : (

before i drive myself to tears haha. lets stop this. nothin i can do bout it if one decides to b so demanding. oh wel.its a long long day tml. we'll last thru it! we must we must we must! haha.everyone jiayou!

i wish i cld keep my words in check when i noe how much this means to u. dui bu qi.

zhen de you tian shen zhu ding.
zhen de you tian chang di jiu.
huo zhe.
zi bu guo she jing hua shui yue.


n i love u too.