Sunday, November 13

yayy!i just completed my inr hahahaha.which means.PW IS DONE WITH!haha. the happiness in me is just bursting haha. becos this means ill haf exactly 2 weeks to complete all grad work. which. is. in. 23 days haha. lets just pray tt everythin goes well well well haha :D hrm. for the remaining minority who hasn yet taken op. such as.. ced?haha. break a leg. it will b over in exactly one day haha.jiayou jiayou:D

allrgt.i haf a problem here n i surely wouldn mind if anyone can solve it.whats a suitable affordable wow-ish present for prom king/queen?haha. if anyone has the perfect ans, ill b eternally grateful!haha.

i realise i havent blogged in long long long time. at least by hols standard i shld b blogging like what.daily?but i haven updated since quite long i think haha. at least by feel it is. today was relatively peaceful, save for the occasional quarrel comign from my neighbour n his kids. sometimes u wonder if hes going to get a heart attack the way hes yelling at his kids. oh well. the perils of being a father.-haii- the way he goes bout doing his scolding is as follows:
before 7am: scold his son whos late for school lunchtime: his son is missing fr the dinin table. evening: his son is not doing hw. night: his son is on the phone for too long. n then there r the weirder ones like. his son dint wash his socks(?!) hahha. now dun say im eavesdropping on my neighbour alrgt. hes so loud im quite sure the whole kampung can hear him lorr!oh n in case u all think its one son. he has 3 haha.

the above para is completely random n nonsensical. n i really haf no idea what i added it there for haha. prolly cox i just heard him explode again!

i jus found this reallly realllly nice song by li ke qin.u jus hafto wow at his voice. haha.its called ying hua.his songs r usually so its-ok-if-u-dun-love-me-but-i-will-always-love-u kind. haha. just like richieren n ado haha.

haf a great week ahead everyone. for the j2s. esp for my darlin buddy: jiayous!mug hard ok:D

shii- our date. haii. why r we always so bz. zhen shi de. now yuan xiao yun shan again. but we shall not! haha. we still haf week aft coming one rgt haha.

zhen me de bu dao de pian xiang yao tiao zhan.
er deng zhe ni de que bu ken jie shou.
bu zhi dao yao shen me de ren.
jiu bu zhi de bei ai.
dui bu qi..


..hai shi shu bu qi.

n i love u too