Monday, April 4

im a drug addict.what kinda life is that!who lives off painkillers hurr.WHO.oh man.World Health Organisation should take care of me.ugh.lousy pun.but really.this is so sickening.i cant even walk properly now. it hurts.and its like.ive even devised a new way to walk to make it less painful.ok rang wo cong tou kai shi.

yesterday went to docs because my mum decided if i still dun do somethin bout it it will b gangrene n ill hafta chop it off.so i guaily went.n guess what.e doc wanted to strangle me n i wanted to strangle him at e end of e day.i went in. he asked whats wrong with u?i went uhhhhhhhh.trauma to my toe?so he looked down at it n i could see his face contort into a look of alarm.sorta like when he looks at his WW2 POW fotos or somethin : p n he was went " this is very very bad!its swelling really badly!!!" n then he asked.so how long has this been goign on. n i said 2 plus months. n his eyes expanded to at least twice e usual size. im serious. im veh sure he did. his look of disbelief at my pain threshold n my stupidity was like writen all over his face.my self worth just plummeted.i dunno whether he respected me fer my immense pain threshold.or he thought i was mad. either way it does matter rgt.

anyway.it took him abt 3 secs to recover from e initial shock.then he drew my toe on my card.those kind of pri sch art lesson toe la.then he said "ok i shall give u three anaesthetic jabs.one at each nerve leading to the toe n one more at the peak of e swell.then ill shave off ( remove) ur nail from this area onwards n then do a dressing.i believe u will b out fer at least 2 weeks fer complete recovery." then he looked at me n looked at e examining table n waited.n waited.nwaited.basically he was askign me to get on so he can get it over n done with.then when i realised he was not just describing what to do.he was decribing what he was going to do. i said.in e firmest n most no joke way.'no cannot'at that moment i was pretty certain he was gogin to strangle me n throw me outta e window.who in e world refutes ur doc n refuses to do what e doc wants u to do rgt. i think i was like.a milestone :p then when he realise he couldn queeze me to death -cox it was murder- nor throw me outta e window -cox i was too fat- he stared at me through slit eyes n went. im giving u painkillers now.n make sure u eat them. n eat them faithfully. no pe or whatever shit fer e rest of the recovery.basically.u shall not move.

that was pretty much e end. i was like near tears from him prodding my toe not-veh-gently n he was near tears from meeting a delinquent like me or soemthin haha. n guess what. i still went fer pe. n will haf dance fer the rest of e week.weekends included. oh well. what can i say.

my toe shall heal.if i say that five million times.mayb it jus mgt. till then. i shall stay addicted n rely on my threshold.oh n thanks fer saying u dun mind pickin up a call from a wreck.yayy.

n i love u too.