Saturday, July 30

heyy heyy.cheers to a new template haha.somehow i feel the lily looks so ultimately serene n nice haha.oh well.. dance farewell in a few hrs..my throats building up on me again.argh.the nose n throat takes turns lorr. so irritating.anyway.this weeks been ok i guess.tpically fatigued.typically busy.feeling super stretched.somewhat like a rubberband who hasnt got much elasticity but is stretched nonetheless haha.its a cool challenge.n aft sleeping really early n cutting myself off early fer 2 days.im feelin on again.haha.better than before : p

i wonder how u can stand not saying hahhaa.call it ability.call it chen fu haha.doesn matter.put things into focus n all will b veh fine haha.at least i would think so thou of cos.u can beg to differ haha.basically.it doesn matter.gee.

next week will b mad.good luck to me.n everybody: its chocolate.d time!!get those groovy chocs n cards, thank urself n ur friends n support the welfare dept :D ahha.publicity: p

n i love u too.