Thursday, December 15

haha. i realise tt nothins ever confirmed until it happens haha. this morning i woke up when my dad called from outside n i heard parents having some weird convo bout flight time. then i realise that due to some random chance we had a chance to move up to the morning flight tml instead of the one at 4+ so now im leaving at around 8. which is alot of time diff i must say haha :D n which i completely n totally wwouldn mind since its a holiday n not work! haha.

okk. i better go pack now.. not good to leave things till too late esp when theres no tml to act as buffer time fer last minute pakcing haha.

merry christmas to everyone in advance! white white chritsmas. zhui xing fu de shen dan xie : D

n tc ok! ill try to blog if i do get my hands on a com haha. a com with broadband rather haha. alrgt. early night today : p



n i love u too.