Sunday, January 16

heyy everyone.sat night now. i wonder what im doing here. bro hogging the tv watching chelsea vs totemham.chelsea's up 1-0. anywya. this is pretty outta pt. haha. been a long week this week. doubt ill do any summary of the week hhaha. mayb ill mention abit bout yester cox today was basically boring. but contentedly boring..-if u get me-

anyway. yester's SCH was saddening. we had cv in which we played pictionary where chingwern absolutely wowed us with his knowledge bout pi.haha. then aft tt shiyun n youmin came to look fer me in class n we crapped the hours away. basically counting down till 12 when we can run oiut haha.ok then met up with e other vballers n went down to rg.

anyway. we cheonged to rg fer lunch la haha. cox we big time miss the high standard canteen food there haha. had curry rice plus chicken wing plus meatball. yummy. then had non diluted milo. which is veh unusual fer me cox i hardly ever drink milo from sch ahha.went to visit laoshi.who was as funny as he always was.. met n crapped with clarice n the juniors. sent them up the bus. met mdm thern n ms pang.. haha. then went shopping with shiyun. i still cant find those GREEN SHOES. ARGhhh. ok. basically it was so pekk tt by e time we were almost thru whole of orchard shi was jus pointing out green things.i think we were both abit touchy bout the color green liao haha.:D anyway thanks shiyun fer going thru this with me haah.went to orchard mrt to meet my og n shiyun was meeting hers. found rilong n mark i think... yaa. my og guys were howling over some girl in the photo album of teck tee's..i haf no idea whats so extremely funny thou haha.

adjourned to nooch at paragon fer dinner. another super funny night haha. in e first place the guys were laughing over the menu.all the weird thai n jap names. there was some shake don or something haha.food was pretty good. aft awhile we got pretty bored waiting fer jeremy n ofelia n anrong so we played zhong ji mi ma. n george really didnt lose. -like he claimed haha-teck tee n woo had ot down a portion of the gross laxative they concrted out of coke lime chilli soy sauce soybean n dunno what.haha : D.n they insisted that dried chilli was onions i haf no idea whyhhaha.

went to take neoprints when the rest came n basically that ended our day. of course there was alvin who got veh impressed by the game the machine lets u play while they were printin the shots haha. yupp.

anyway. love u wenli..thank u fer loving me.
n yes. i miss u too.

xinn. -rang yi qie shui feng-