Thursday, March 31

'it takes zebrafish 3 hours from 8-11 in e day with e lights on to mate.and then it takes 3 minutes fer deposition of e eggs n fertilisation.n then the eggs are filtered thru a tea strainer n thne kept.it takes 3 days fer it to transit from singel cell to a vertebrae model.n u feed e fishes 3 meals a day. flake feed fer breakfast n then brine shrimp in super high salt conc fer lunch n dinner.'

haha. some interestgin facts i gained from imcb attachment.its really quite fun these three days. gotta haf e nicest n spaless pracs of this year n know alota funky ppl haha.josh n subhi n munyong from rj.manda danwei wangrui from rg.my funny lab partner bryan from acsi n his friends who were mugging pressure/hydraulics/updraft.poo n denise n e guy who went with us fer lunch at matrix/moe today -sory forgot his name : p-from acjc colin from vj who was my benchmate shuan n rongyao n co. from fmss who shared their hilarious school song : D.ok this r e ones that ive been spending most of my time with during imcb these 2 days.sry couldnt get to know everyone.the benches separated us : p shall blog more on the whole imcb thing next time. too tooo dead now. but its really veh fun. e things we do can b repetitive but stil quite fun.im blessed to b with so many fun ppl. n overall. its one good experience.complete with ALL e boliao logic games we played haha.

anyway. even thou attachments super fun.ive been going back to sch eveyrday fer dance.its exhausting.n my that toe.its not just not healing. its becoming worse.ugh.n then ot not hurt it so much-becos now every position its in it hurts-i put alot of strain on my ankle n heel.so injured both.HENFAN.hate my rgt leg.hatemyself: p i wanto spill blood!-serene dun laugh o.0-

okkk. shall blog in more nexttime.miss u all 3p!n i think ill b going down to marina tml.clarice n rg bowling better b royalely gan dong hhaa.and.i miss sleep.nights world.

n i love u too.