Monday, August 8

its a sunday ngt n im quite surprised im not asleep..dun really noe why im still awake.besides the fact tt im supposed to b checking some promethum ceremony document fer ushering route.hrm.this weekend has been one really good one.dunno if its cox nat day hols coming up.or isit cox ive had a really relaxing wkend haha.well. i spent sat at ticketing dry run n shopping with parents.bought quite abit haha.im seriously in love with the mango dessert at chinatown.it can like bi mei the one i had in hk.haha.shall remind myself to go back more often.today was slack like nothin too haha.picked up some nonsense book ot read fer leisure.dint do much.had a futile attempt to catch up some old tutorials haha. but overall im just feeling happy this wkend :D

oh well. sadly enough.not everyone is.poor soul.dun think so much.it isnt veh good to think too much where such matters are concerned.esp since pessimism always gets the better of u haha.u think u worry n u never ever try.n then u will never ever know.haha.zhi de ma.if it wouldn hurt yea.

tml thers celebrations n sports carn haha.finally get to play with 403 netball again. after more than a yr.haha.fun fun fun :Dyayy.im looking forward.thou i sure hope trier wont eat me up fer bad shooting haha.alrgt.lets just have lotsa fun tml:D plus theres more shoping fer presents after.hrm.sounds packed.packed enough to send me off to sleep now haha.nights.


n i love u too.