Tuesday, January 25

heyy ppl. jus came back from dance prac n bathed n ate.i missed out harmoc concert ugh.sry tecktee.sorry sorryphuxion..anyways.on a lighter brighter note. i got into syf! haha.so did angie n char n dennetn kang kang. to think bout it.its like e first time im dancing w angie on the same team. like. Finally.we nv get to dance on e same team.this time finally. we will haha : D anyway. besides a chicken lookin step which is super taxin on the calf muscles n require coordination, the other 2 8s we learnt today were quite cool haha. quite nice. even the chicken step looks nice on laoshi la. but what doesnt look nice on her anyway rgt--ok..just hope tt ill do ok there n not looklike some fat gross blob haha.i realise the more u dance chi dance. theres a wei dao tts veh diff from other dances..but yet so similar.. its like... ben3 shi4 yi1 jia1 haha

anwyay. im tryin to nurse my toe n blog at the same time. but both requires the usage of hands so theres some mix up happening here. my toe looks damn gross.
really GROSS. so gross. i dun think anyone wants to see it lest they puke their lunch/dinner/gastric juices out.n my toe is like 1.5 times original size? i cant fit rgt into my shoes n my socks get stained with pus n blood everyday haha.shant describe it anymore lest u all start pukin jus by visualising haha...: D e biggest prob is i haf dance prac 3 days in a row. which is not a veh good thing considering e fact tt e toe nv gets to heal e way its being slammed on the flr everyday.

k..i think i should go slp now to like.i dunno let my toe recover haha.doesn seem to make sense.. haha i ve been super incoherent fer e past few hours. yawn.

nights deers.
love u all.