Sunday, July 10

yawnnn.1246.i decided to blog once a week. just like how ive recorded in kwans survey haha.well.its a good thing i guess..can write some stuff.practise my fingers strength.n urm. i dunno what else.haha.spill some frustration n panic onto this little space.so tt i can read back n laugh at myself haha.

my days have been filled with meetings.proposals.planning.executing.planning.excuting.thinking.writing.deciding.meeting more.planning more.its just one big circle.n u keep going around it.chasing somethin.called.perfection?i dunno.i just wanto make sure tt.i dun let ppl who have placed trust in me down.i wouldn.trust me.haha.just tt.so many proposals.sure can drive me nuts haha.baika must cheng zhu okk.i promise u that thurs will b free.no matter what haha.n yes.chocolated.lets put in our best.n get e best:D bu hui you shi de.

on a lighter note..lifes been slightly in perspective now that i can get back home before the sun sets fer like 1day a week.its a real welcome considering my previous schedule..oh well.keep going.n never lose steam.someone remind me to liaise w all e various ppl.i need a timetable haha.

wo xiang ku. ni ke bu ke yi zhan shi bu yao shui.pei zhe wo rang wo ke yi bu kao an mian yao ru shui.dan ru guo dan ru guo shuo xia qu..huo zhe..

bros bday next week.must make sure i find some time to get him somethin-if not mr baby will bawl : p-to think hes already 20.soon enough..oh ya.realise i mgt just spent my bday doing dry run..oh well.. ive got the whole council to celebrate it w me if its any consolation..mayb leave e night free:D.haha but thats so long later.what rubbish m i spouting.this is a sign to sleep haha.nights..


n i love u too.