Saturday, December 31

heyy ppl! wo hui lai le! haha. reached sin bout..thurs midnight. if ur asking me like boss asked. man this trip made al the diff. fang da jia jiu shi fang da jia. haha. no phonecalls.no msgs. no mails. no work. n all fun haha. i must say the weather wasnt the best thing ive experienced in all my winter trips. think its cox this yr its esp late n hence esp cold. n windy. n everytin haha. got me down with flu at the end of the trip - which explains why im bloggin now only haha- firstly the temperature hardly rose above like. 5 deg? plus the winds haha. when in beijing i think i looked like a penguin everyday haha. and still feel cold. its like so cold u lose sense in ur feet n ur ears feel like they r not even there anymore haha. then theres crazy winds which blew me off my feet haha. those that u dun even wanto try walking against. was jus innocently walking one step to get into the taxi n my next step was literally blown by the wind in the direction it was going..one of the worst winds ive experienced in beijing in a few yrs. haha

then of cox theres rain n snow mixed tgt which gives u what? urm. sludge haha. n its super slippery. then there was rain on the last two days in shanghai haha. but u dun really feel much rain when u have ur trenchcoat on do u! haha. weathers been mad. n i admit i havetn worn enough. esp when i got out of the supposed northern beijing n moved to the SUPPOSED southern countys haha. bad move i must say!

but still i think the trip was just perfect.perfect scenary. view. location. food.lodging. env. lang haha just great. lets see.. the long car/train trips to diff countys gave me alot of time to think to. not really to think. but to forget n recharge. its so easy to chong xin di xiao chu lai now. im so glad.no stress lotsa free time to smell the roses- quote msl ui- haha.n i absolutely love the scenary there. ok n not forgettin the great food!!! i think i put on so much over 2weeks haha. laoshis going to beat me up : S nvm.eat first then think haha.

wahh i realised ive written alot. i think i can write even more haha. but nvm. better get out n get on with some tv watching-if theres any to start with: p-oh they even haf alot of nice tv channels there haha. -with a lot of dramas bout gong an which arent veh well acted but nvm-

its 2006 in a few hrs. what better than zai jia he zi ji zui ai de ren.haha. zai zhe li wish everyone a great yr ahead. zhi yao you xin. jiu you li. you xin you li. jiu shen me dou ke yi zuo dao!


shii.what more to say.xin zhao bu xuan le.e person who reads me best haha. sayin nothin is sufficient becos u can read everythin. loveu.

fated.are u planning to say everythin tt im saying here?haha.miss u so much.n at the end of it all. i know tt ull handle it rightly. i just realised we even have the same events happening at the same time n the same way of hnadling it haha. to a great yr ahead.loveu.

smallbaby.lets try to get less practical haha.thks fer al the great times we've shared in class. from getting furry cox of sharing buddys sweater. to teasing a particular cd. to attemptin to solve ques the way a sha does haha. to sitting in council gms. pulling our hair out over ticketing n running haha.to wel. the most recent interesting event. haha. looking forward to more fun times!

dar.from not talking at al. to thrown tgt to work. to being zhui jia pai dang. to talking so much we cant find new topics n we noe whats happenin in each others life fer the nxt 2 weeks.shld we thk barney n geri or tchrs day haha.you yuan ren.its really been great. im glad u found someone to fa lao sao to. cox i did! haha. rem must b happy ahhh.ji de wang ji. n. thks fer supportin me thru everythin. work n al.fer helpin w designin. fer naggin even -ponders- xie le : D

wes.to the one i can read so well. xin qing bu hao ye shi guo yi tian. xin qing hao ye shi guo yi tian. so why not smile. rem its not ur fault k.n. even thou ur handwritins minute - i still insist- n ur SO perfectionist u drive me nuts with what i wans - when i dun actually want anythin haha- i stil wan u to noe ill b here fer u dear. looking forward to workin w u yupps. huggs.

buddy dear.mr yeo ahh. arent i nice haha. thank u. fer being the toughest most hilarious n hardiest support. pillar tt keeps falling n insists that it doesn ever fall haha. okok. dun beat me. as u move into police n i get down to muggin. take gd care of urself n others since i cant tc of u :pbie tai xiang wo oh!loveu.

umin n trier. u al two always cant stand it when i say theres meeting. but aiyar. sorry lor. its just a general term which can mean alot of things which is too troublesome to mention haha. anyway. apologies fer being bz 24/7 quote tsuinam that i nv got muh time to spend with u all. listen talk n rot with u. but no worries. ive always been with u all haha. thks fer being so supportive n absolutely lovely these 2 yrs. u all understand even wo me saying. mo qi. yuan fen. you qing. liao jie. to our love over 3 yrs haha. cheers.

amy n gradngtcomm.thank u. thank u. thank u. if i could type an infinite amt of thankus i will. but everythin u all did meant everythin to me. i really respect ur dedication n passion. ur smiles n hugs. ur encouragement n drive. everyone of u made e diff. to make it a successful event. (however at this pt of time i must remind u of things called reflections n reports :p which amy n i wil brief u on so no worries pls. haha.)thank u all superman n superladies. loveu to bits.

kangkang. haha. fer standing my nonsense n sianess n constant chasing about shui shui shui. haha. fer letting me call u kang kang in the first place- i think its a veh cute name haha- fer being the great leader n mummy of chidance n fer being the great friend whos just so cute in ur own way. xie xie ni. i promise to do my best. n rem. dunneed to thank wo ok. haha.

se!.my one n only. blow me over sweep me off my feet darling. thks fer all the fun times. n all the hrs we spent in the dance studio/hall/wishingwell/voiddeck of blk a blk b/pac/canteen/amphi. fer every prac/performance/meeting.you light up my life darl.thank u. n keep rocking.

angie.haha. another one where i feel minimalistic is the key. shant say much becos i think u noe what i wanto say anyway. loveu fer everythin u are.

u.wo xiang shi ying wei liao jie er mei zai yi qi. zhi shao meng dao yi ban hui bi jiao mei. sorry. n thank u fer braving every storm with me. fer supporting n just being u.

zai jian nan dao zhen de bu neng zai shi peng you ma.oh wel.cuo bu zai wo.


xin nian kuai le.

n i love u too.