Tuesday, December 13

yayy its finally confirmed!haha. leaving on fri at 1600+ n coming back on 30th haha.ive been looking forward to this trip fer like. one yr! goodness gracious hahaha.i guess when u work especially hard then u will really look super forward to holidays. n fer me.haha. going to china is really reallly going away haha. free of almost every form of communicatoin haha. save fer the usage of net sometimes outta nowhere. haha. will b going to beijing nanjing yangzhou n shanghai this yr.. sounds pretty fun to me cox i havent been to nanjing n yangzhou yet. was digging like mad to find places to go in beijing n shanghai hahaha. one go too many times liao the other lacking in goood city scenic spots hahaa.

anywayy. enough bout my blabbering! haha. im just soooooooooo looking forward.

oh well.. you xie shi qing. yi ding yao zuo yi ge liao duan. guess i know what im doing. hahaha. yes i do ok. u can stop nagging me! haha. but thanks nonetheless : D
mayb im still sorry. even thou u said its no ones fault.

fateds going fer church camp tml. haf fun! haha. limins leaving fer europe on wed. clara to south africa on thurs. n shii n i will b off on fri. wowww. tts quite abit o ppl leaving late.. i would think nows quite late liao rgt. haha.

shall try to squeeze in another blog before i yuan zou gao fei -quote somebody haha- will miss all of u. n merry christmas in advance! ill b in the most ulu place yangzhou when its christmas haha. haf a white slow snowy christmas this yr.tc!



n i love u too.