Saturday, February 25

first blog in 2006!haha. yes i know i know slow n SLOW.but man.life hasn been kind to me in terms of time at all haha. things started off with zkardia o6 -clapps- then it snowballed into cny dance. cny. chingay. heartland chingay. fan dance(all e time). trio dance.just alot alot alot of dance. about as much as mugging n lessons ahhaha. but its been so fulfilling even thou its terrible fer the body. ive a few million bruises on knees feet and ankle n everywhere else. literally wanna die.muscles all fatigued like nothin. i bet ppl whom i talk ot everyday have heard enough haha.

special thank yous to.
you who see me thru every storm n every rain. every sunshine n every smile. for every hug n every shoulder ferall e nagging(cant believe i said this) n encouragement.i realised ive become so used to having u around me.to not seeing u everday but hearing n feeling ur presence n ur care.ur constant chilling n countless tcs.n the dinners haha.mei you ni gai zhen me ban.

n you. who is so perfectionist i pale so much in comparison n feel like a big slacker haha. learn ot relax k. i noe u were pissed off at e av (or lack of).. n that ur completley burnt. u never say it. u insist tt its a no when i ask. but u noe it better than i that i can read u completely.so well. i just wanna say. tc take good care when im not around to. n thank u fer doing thesame!haha.everythin will b perfect!

shall stop here noww.. ive been thinking alot suddenly. esp when i couldn slp yester during the camp..oh well. nights!

liang ge ren hui bu hui deng yu wo men.
zou de hen jing. que you mei zou zai yi qi.
you shi wo xiang fang shou qu ai.
que you pa shu bu qi.
ru guo de shi.
hui bu hui shi wo bu neng shi qu de shi..
dui bu qi. wo pa shi qu.
dui bu qi. wo ai ni ma.


veh veh nice song :D n well. it has its present references..

n i love u too.