Thursday, October 27

i jus woke up.but i have the overwhelming feeling to yawn. yyyyyawn.
youmin n dar.see i never break my promises rgt. i promised ill go see. see liao.although i still think its useless.nvm.ill just observe tis week n see what happens la k.at least i dun feel guilty after pangsehing myself on tues.then u like say until so evil: p anyway. i shall announce here for all the others who've been waiting to bring me to the doc. IVESEENHIM.haha. see how now lorr. at least i have some anti-nausea thingy now.which would hopefully enhance my ability to supress the feeling when need be. oh man. ahha. sadistic!

somehow im feeling abit high now-a good change from the day which was quite depressing-.must b the rain that just started haha. julio dun say i write depressing stuff ok. its just perspectives.haha.n i beat u who selfconfess to puttin a grin on ur face for no reason thewhole day :p

lets see. i havent been blogging at all for a long time.spent too much time writing daily digests to ppl.typing this.writingtht. guess my fingers have just gotten fatigue.how pathetic.denise noticed that day that i use my index finger to hit spacebar instead of using thumb which apparently everyone does haha. if ur typin anythin now by chance, see if ur like me. e weird who spaces with her index finger haha. her one-liner was so cute.ur hand is so werdly positioned!haha.

oh i know why i havent been bloggin!its nt just finger fatigue.dancing has taken up most of my time immediately after promos.yes. preppin for openhouse mini concert has taken a huge toll.haha.whats with laoshi teaching the cool fan dance-n i really mean 酷-haha.but behind all the coolness is the truckload of bruises n pain n sores that every dancer had to get.we all look like we got abused.quite badly haha.like.angie had two open wounds, someone must b very xintong haha.then vizanne really looks like she got abused hahha.char cant walk down stairs properly.se looks like shes being tortured.fated hasn even recovered from her ankle!n yvonne moans everytime we kneel ahha. kang kang is surprisingly fine :Dim quite dead also la. n ull find new bruises at elbows, back after every prac session haha.the price to pay for being cool.but im startign to love the dance more n more. its challengin. so its fun ahha:D

i havent been mugging.which is fine by me if i could say ahhaha. just tt my class is chao guai. so here n there must finish my tutorials at e veh least so that wun get killed in class by teachers haha.

i miss ppl.u know who u all r:Du all make me smile.from deep deep deep down inside.u make all the wrong right.all the unhappiness better.u make painful bruises buildin bonds.staying late in sch undertsanding somebody.im glad ive had u.

fated: i want u to noe just how much i love u. know u wun b in a good mood.but i rem u promised ull sleep over it.n wake up smiling again rgt. i take ur word for it. i always have.theres still so much beyond what we see today. a further, longer, wider path that u need to walk. so just let this run over. n you will come out stronger alrgt.everythin n anythin.ill do it for u. just want u to b happy alrgt.il b seeing alot of u cox of dance n im glad.rem u owe me tt letter haha. -yi qie dou shi zhu ding de shi ni de jiu shi ni de bu shi ni de qiang qiu ye mei yong. but since its fated it will turn out for the better. loveu.

buddy: hows it having no pesky j1 disturbing ur mugging peace HURR. haha.hope uve recovered already yes yes?haha.jiayou ok.must mug hard.really really hard!haha.will b here for u always.thank you.for being the veh bestest buddy i could find.ever:D

youmin: satisfaction from eating doesn make u a pig for goodness sake!haha.its called enjoying life darl.enjoooooy.

if we could all cry less and smile more.if we could all smile less and laugh more.if we just could.fang shou qu ai.then mayb its a diff story.oh but does it matter.noe myself too well.rather not.excuses again horr.dunno: p for al the could-have-beens, for everyone out there who cant decide whether its worth losing friendship for another form of friendship.take it in r stide. u will never noe if u try. zhu ni men xing fu:D b positive.mei shen me shi bu ke neng de.

for the ever giving.ur so nice.

n i love u too.