Sunday, April 23

what a weekend. just woke up from some harcore compulsive slping.

just a short note.
to thk u fer everythin uve done.it just amts to so much. n means so much. im glad i cld walk u thru ur toughest storm:Dim glad we turned out e way we are now. its been such a long time. such a long walk. n im really thankful fer u. fer holdin my hand n walking me thru it all. i noe u noe its goin to peak in the next 2 weeks. but at e end of it all i want u to noe.tt fer all the reasons im working so hard.one of them is u. i rem u said not to thk. but u noe ur support all these time. thru all e late ngts horrible pracs n scoldings. was so impt. i just hafto thk u haha.

its going to b a long tryin 12days. n on the 12th. we'll dance fer all those we love.
ill b dancin fer u.

n i love u too.