Tuesday, June 21

had one full days muggin with shiyun in sch.then we moved to thomson at bout 3 cox we were dying of hunger n dint wanto eat at j8.-dun ask me why haha-ate at kfc.n its really like dejavu cox the last time we were at thomson we went to kfc too.n we nearly sat at e same seat but decided against it cox there was too lil table space fer all our barangbarang haha:D i guess today was pretty effective.oh well.lets not dwell on this topic shall we.haha.

anyway.just heard hanlongs version of when u say nothin at all.a good try indeed haha.-pats back-just finished my proposal.hopefully it makes more sense now.just need to edit it thru the whole grp n send n then pray hard it comes back with an extra smiley face on it or soemthin: p

i miss orange fanta..i miss blank days..i miss..oh well.-you ren shuo xi guan bi ci de xi guan ye shi yi zhong ai-sometimes all i really wanto feel is the rthymn of the rain.smell it.touch it.hear it.love it.it has to do with memories.it has to do with temperature.mayb its just becos. it makes me think.thinkofyou-

fated--you said you will ting wo de ahh.dun move haha.i know u will zhao gu la.but just b te bie te bie xiao xin xiao xin okk.ill b worrying fer u haha.

budddyyy--hope u liked ur mug-gin essentials haha.remember.fer a dose of happiness.n e positive outlook that u taught me to cultivate.dun lemme beat u at being tve:p u.or rather.we will b fine.dun look back. or u will get strained necks : p ill b here.

its 1.31am.hrmm.i shall go sleep soon.woke up early today to meet shi haha.but i know ill be hugging my bolster n thinkin.its a good thing i guess.then mayb my brains wun rust.hrmm.its already lagging now.nights world.tc of urselves..


n i love you too