Wednesday, November 2

today was damn packed!haha.first choreo chingay then meeting meeting. then dance.then meeting.wah. haha. faints.n umin just told me she bored.hehhehehe.ehh go do jigsaw la minmin:D haha. ok. cool name. i just foudn a great cool name for u!haha.fated dun b jealous la.. nxt time i promise to zip my mouth.amitabha haha.

sigh..it seems like ppl are gettin quite depressed nowadays..mayb a buildup.mayb a big thing that hit really really hard. nerves get frayed.tears fall. n the saddest of them all. is the one who has to try his or her hardest to look up n look away to keep the tears from coming down.theres techinically nothin wrong with crying really. its just expression what.but its true.. having someone to like. lean on n cry to. isnt exactly easy.but it doesn mean there isnt!haha.really.just a call away..

omgoodness.for once wesley is going off before me haha.he just said. im dying falling asleep in frnt of com. call u tml haha. this is seriously a breakthru!i better liek record it somewhere so i can show him next time haha. ok i think minmin is rgt.im goign mad n i need to hit the bed soon. but i dun think i should hit it. i should just lay on it. cox theres blueblacks on my back n ill die if i hit the bed. hoho.

i think im falling sick grrrr.the weird feelings here again.this not good. i need top form.bleah.okk. but to voicelesscreature shii. tc ok! must get well by mon. then can wow them with ur voice ahhaa. just hao hao zhao gu k.loveu.

tc everyone n enjoy hols!


n i love u too.

~ru guo you yi tian wo fa xian wo fang bu xia.que you shuo bu chu kou.na gai zhen me ban...