Wednesday, February 2

hey ppl. had early dismissal form dance prac today haha. eeehah. :D anyway... im sitting here now trying to dress tt thing called a toe n count at e same time. dun ask me count wat haha. today was pretty ok laa. had pe early in e morn. which was pretty much just watching them do... i benched coz of the stupid toee.

after tt had a nice wholesome breakfast : D n 2 lectures came aft tt.. n well. one math quiz i think. yaa. after tt we had a veh fun n exciting pca session.char hongyue julio yuxuan n me.it was a veh educational seesion haha : D we learnt alot of stuff. veh fruitful.

me n char went to dance prac aft that just to find out tt laoshi not coming today.. so we just praced e dance 6 times n zaoed.. went ot j8 with her n attempted ot walk arnd haha. attempt becos we had no idea who's bday is coming.so duno how to buy.. i saw my jacky cheung concert aggain. ARGHHHH. i want it i want it i want it.. -chantttts- i really want want want. haii.

ok. i shant whine n moan n groan over his concert. sighh. haha. anyway... g2g nows.. my heads starting to float.tml haf monster prac again... hope we will progress more haha. : D nights everyone..

n i love u too.