Saturday, December 10

i wonder if u noe what i wanted to say. sometimes sorry really seems to b the hardest word. i dint mean to do it. i dint mean to say it. how it ended up like that. i really dunno.

how long did it take me to know. how long did i hide. i cant say i never felt. but i cant say i knew for sure. so whats this all about. dunno.at the end of the day would things haf changed. i think it already has.but then u wouldn say so.

when guilt overwhelms u.u feel like saying. ok lets just give it a try.how do u hate someone.whos been so incredibly si xin ta di.wo shuo bu chu kou.dui bu qi.it isnt ur fault. then isit mine. id rather it b mine. then at least ill noe how to deal with it.leng jing xiang xiang. cai zhi dao yuan lai yi qie dou you qian ying hou guo.
if being w him is cox hes nice to u. its outta responsibility. its outta gratitude.
dui bu qi. wo wan bu qi.

what do i want.or u. wo yao de ni neng bu neng gei. bu shi bu neng jie shou. bu shi xin li mei you ni. zhi shi.
its never going to b the same.acting like it is is not goin to help.i noe it only too well.theres alot i wanto noe. but i know ull b unwillin to provide me with e ans.


give urself some time to leng jing. before tt. i wouldn say anythin..i wouldn do anythin. only when ur ready.
shi suan shi tian shi ku. ill take it becos i caused it. dui bu qi.
zhen de dui bu qi.

n i love u too.