Wednesday, April 13

i dun think i need to say anythin.just.ilu.n well done darl.
star dancer n my dance partner.hehh.we've a long way ahead together.really look forward to hiding in drains w u : D i love u too.
even thou im not really ur se -winks- but still. ill always love u.see how nice i am.welldone!
ur mistake was obviously not an obvious mistake.zuo de hao!
unice! thanks fer being the senior who keeps sending me blank msgs haha.super back.
its so fun to haf u in class n cca together.well done mountain girl
i imagined a mirror in e last pose on e flr n saw ur face.n smiled.xiexieni oh!

to shiyun youmin rach lehui mel daph limin lydia clara eli serene chinghui hongyue chrissie yengling terence anrong nengyang evelyn xinqin wanjun n everyone at e rg table n class whom i missed. thanks fer all the smses n calls.u kept me going! julio owes me treatss.im sorry i missed calls n replied late.but im so in love with u all.xie le!

i miss u when im sad
i miss u when im frustrated
i miss u when im stressed
i miss u when im injured
but i miss u most-
when im smilin n happy.
n u are not here..

cong cong xiang shi.ye suan you yuan le.zhi bu guo...

whats it like to get somethin u so wanted.
esp when no one thinks u can do it.-even u dun think so-
ans- a mad rush of adrenaline laughter tears n blabbering
we've had so many 7day prac weeks.
we've had so much heartache.happy as it seemed. the emotional n physical stress was immense. really immense.
but we've shown them what we've got.from totally nothin.to somethin even guo jia yi ji choreographer from china said was really good.like lao shi keeps saying. im really touched by the team. at least wo men zuo dao mei ge ren dou mei xiang dao wo men neng zuo de.imso so proud of everyone.esp laoshi.ur choreography is so so good.
its somethin i can smile in my sleep thinking bout. i went home with a perpetual smile that my fam thought i was nuts.but u cant take my happiness away.u cant take away the pride.becos its ours.irreplacably ours.it means so much more to say that its our best in 21 yrs.best ever.tis is really a statement to make.

i realised i talk alot of rubbish in e above para. n my previous entry too. my life has been taken up by dance n syf. taken up by stress n hardwork n pain.but its all so worth it.becos u allare all there to slog it out with me. n we won. syf central judging gold with honours.thats rjchidance.thats us :D

n i love u too.