Friday, June 9

its a friday n half the worlds prob waiting fer world cup to start. u noe.the opening ceremony is somethin to look forward to haha. i heard from bro tt the song fer world cup this yr is quite nice but i haven heard it fer myself. isit some piece by lang lang?ok actually i dun suppose anyone will b veh urm. like. music inclined with regards to world cup theme. anyway!! i haf no fav team in mind. jus hope tt we get to see beautiful n fair play : D which we will. haha. wun we.

takin a slight respite now. spent the day in jurong library n i jus totally froze there haha. its like. arctic or somethin. they r terribly generous with the air conditioning. which i wouldn b complainin about really. jus tt its my own problem tt i dint bring my sweater in my haste to run out of e house today. n to top it all off it sorta rained on n off the whole day today hahaha.

tt was quite uninspiring haha. n veh random. im waiting fer the council inves fotos to upload now (yes i noe i noe. veh long veh late liao hahahaha) but nvm. at least its going rgt? haha.

anyway. in more typical fashiion. heres a lil shoutout to a veh special person ahha. break a leg to you whos slogging away in the forest rgt now. jiayou!

oh no. im like a classmate. we're both initiativeless hahaha. rgt. jus tt ur in more trouble than im hahah!

只有受过伤的人才懂得去 疼爱别人. 才有资格说了解.可能不是很般配. 但也无所谓.曾经在怀里感受那份温暖.已经不错了.或许.梦到一半比较美.



tc everyone! jiayou w mugging.

n i love u too.