Friday, October 7

yay.some freedom has been rendered.but then again.wat great fun itis to plan someones party.i dunno.esp if its like.expensive.pressurising.n quite.depressin.sigh.im going to reread xiao ao jiang hu fer the nth time now haha. prolly speed read thru it. but at least its a form of relaxation. besides the fact tt the font is. abit small haha. n its fan ti. n i havent read chinese in few million yrs so im going to prgress quite slowly i think haha : p

i haf a puking feeling.crap.haf been getttin it since the afternoon.ugh.feel really really queasy now.totally.off.but why!i dint even do anythin wrong.haha.i mean eat or drink or do anythin wrong lorr.crazyy bod mechanism.sighhh. lets see.. theres a few things i needto do now. haha.i need to pack up my room fer eg. o.O oh well. anyway. i knwo this is super random but trier. tui yi bu hai kuo tian kong haha. must b happier ok darl!

shii. i finally noe how it feels to b out 2 days in a row haha.think weve never done tt b4.n our fav haunt haha. so funny.yawwwn i think id better go sleep quite soon haha. im goign totally incoherent.to everyone out there. have fun n enjoy these few hard earned days of 100% fun. of cox fer my com ppl who came down for meeting n will b workign thru the weekend.three cheers. jiayou n we will survive!(we have survived 4 ol months.faints.)haha.n of cox to char n all the harworking openhousecommers who r workign hard to create a rousing welcome for juniors haha. jiayou too!


n i love u too..