Friday, March 18

heyy:D im bloggin in like finally. it seems like a wink actually. i sorta expected myself to blog in like super frequently since its e hols n we r all supposed to b.well.friggin free.but -n on e other hand- this is not the case n ive been wakin super early everyday. n runnig around like a mad chicken everyday-pokpok- n not resting.not taking care.not enjoying.i feel like ive been absolutely ripped of my hols :p -n thats not fun. sniiiiffffs.n on top of that i hafta spend hols feelin like im going to fall sick anytime.-or haf i already- n the stupid idiotic friggin toe of mine is not healing.n not recovering.i wanto zhuang qiang.my toes r like how impt to me n i really really cant afford to have one injured toe on top of all e bruises n whatever liao lorr.ugh.just please heal it.please.

anyway. ive e sluggish sickish pokish feeling rgt now.predict ill fall sick aft all.aft all my struggle to not fall sick.now i havta fight with illness.bleahhh : p ok lets just hope i dun.thou i do admit i could do with a few days of lyin in bed at home. oh no.whats this. im hoping i fall sick!-faints-

okok.shall stop acting like some kancheong person haha.urmm.
angie.thanks so so much.sometimes.i dunno what ill do wo you.n yess im wearin slippers becos i cant bear to make u nag at me.ill attempt to keep at it fer as long as possible k.n spread ur happiness arnd haha.love u.

some things just never change.your daily msg which is really un-creative but nonetheless veh welcomed makes things better.its good to know theres always someone dere.someone who so willingly give n care.

i need CRIB- figure tt out mann.- its a med lingo ahha.i think we all need it actually.

enjoy whats left of march hols.haha.hols im sure.HOLS.-laughs hysterically- : D

n i love u too.