Monday, April 11

syf is tml. im absolutely freaked out.ok.its not like i have never been into competitive dancing before.as a matter of fact most of my dances ARE competitive n all. but im just so freaked.our dance is gold stuff.i know it. we just need to get into miao persona.which is e hard part.tell urself u r it.u r the miao tribe.who lvoes nature.we've worked so hard.all e long pracs.pulled muscles. sprained ankles.blueblackedknees.e bleeding toe.everythin.i just really dun wan our hard work to go to waste.i dun wanto give anyhtin less than my best tml.n i dun wanto get anythin less than e best too.ugh.whoevers up there.heres a collective plea from rjchidance.pls give us what it takes to do better.shine brighter.smile wider.n above all else.to b wu yuan wu hui.

im sorry if the above blabber dint make sense. but what ive just said is that im worried for syf. n i hope we do well. as in like. really well. we've worked hard.ive like no life cox of pracs.n i guess.at e end of the day.behind all e complainin. i dun mind. becos i love what im doin-dance-.just. pls. make it all worth it.

n thank you all who have supported me so so faithfully throughout these two weeks.hell weeks. for dance for council for school.i really dunno which drain i would have fell into if u dint pull me up.

tmls e big day.no matter how much we luagh at ourselves looking retarded in e costume+hat, i know we wil shine tml.three cheers to our kampung spirited team.ive learnt to love u all. so much.

xie xie ni yi zhi zai wo shen bian fen dan.suo you de suo you.


n i love u too.

dance to remember