Sunday, April 24

to start.congrats to all 25th fer getting thru.we got thru together! :D prolly e strongest bond that binds us together.is when life is like a piece of shit n we still look on e bright side of it :D n thank u 24ths fer making this so memorable.pe will b freaky with e whistle till we recover from phobia haha. n of course i must really thank my buddy fer providing the food fer comfort during those dunno-what-times suppers.n fer supporting me during times of urm. sweaty palms n knees.even thou i doubt daryl will read this.but still.xie xie!i doubt i could have survived with such a happy mind without ur mindless banter.n of course to my felow bai-ka. n everyone who has been taking care of us.thanks so much.one survive.all survive :Done suffer.all suffer.

ok.shant elaborate on e camp too much.fingers too tired.n ive got too many other things to say too...

u know.i really dun wanto burden u anymore.i know u arent having it easy at all;u have so much on hand.a major event coming up.stuff to settle.n it has become so clear now.that u havent actually moved on.u havent actually healed.but somehow.whenever i talk to u.u tear me up so much.so much that i cant hold back.n i cant hide anythin from u.u always seem to see thru me.which pretty much explains why u tear me up.but then when u do.why dun u pick up e pieces n fit them together.it hurts when its left hangin dun u see.or mayb.u never thought this way.never saw this way.im not blaming u.im only blaming myself for being so useless.for being so weak.for actually thinking of letting u hold it up.n then i suddenly realise.that what i actually had was nothing.

i dun wanto hold u up anymore.burden u anymore.im so so sorry.ive only realised how selfish i was.how i never thought about what u were feeling.or going thru.i dunno what i would have done without u.yet.i know ive pulled u down so much.promises never come easy..but it doesn mean i wont keep mine.a promise's a promise.

its a new week ahead.but some things never change.ill be there.no matter what.
angie. no matter what u do.i hope u never regret.n ill always second u.

n i love u too.