Saturday, November 19

i haf somethin to announce haha. i cleaned up my room today!yayyyy!n i dint even need alotof nagging to overcome the inertia hehe.mums theory was tt i wun have another chance if its not today haha.my attachment starts on the 28(sadly) till the 9 n den im leaving wheee!!!n every weekday i hafto do grad stuffs. boohoohooo.life is so un-beautiful!im really lookin forward to go to the piece of land with cold weather. bare trees n steamy dumplings hahaa. ok. think itsjust becos its a hol tts why everythin just seems nicer haha. am i making any sense?not sure there..but doesn matter hehe.

anywayyy. next week. i thought it would b a relaxing week. budden i realised its not aft all :( haha when in e first place did i get relaxing weeks anyway hehe. so i shall not try to get somethin thats not mine techinicaly!haha. okok. my heads spinning think i shall go meet zhou gong.

fated.:darling!dun worry u. haha. fated yi bei zi neng you ji ge haha. i love u tooooooo :D hopefully ppl out there wun get jeaaalous.. but then too bad if they do!hahah.


nights dears.take good care!

n i love u too.

zhen de bu dong wo zai gao shen me gui.