Thursday, May 19

its been two weeks.pretty much rollercoasterish.seemingly more downs than ups.but everytime its an up.its always e ultimate high..it been so much pain.so much torture.but all these.every single sweat tear n pain -if its ever quantifiable- was all worth it.if u'd ask me if id do it all over again.i will.rotten toe n injured foot n all those tough times.id take e whole package wholesale.n still find it.110% worth it.n why so.becos i love dance.i love to dance.n even more so.i wanto show everyone who bought tics the best performance.wanted to give my best for everyone who supported me.for everyone who loves to dance n watch dance.

dancengt was three days of adrenaline rush.was the ultimate high.if i were to rank..fri n sat night were peaks. thurs was quite good fer an opening.n matinee was just ok..honestly. i could feel myself smiling.the expressions coming in.everythin seemed to fall into place on fri n sat ngt.to quote hongyue.fri's expressions n style was intriguin : D i dun think anything that i write here now -considerin its one week late : p- would be able to sum up how i felt..

all the days when we stayed till goodness knows what time.all e worrying.all e cooping up in pac to wait fer rehearsals. to rehearse.to panic.the zou tai.the sound check..everythin seems like yesterday.the times when we had to rush to change from one costume to another.esp when in charge of kitaro makeup.n the absolute rush to get se outta latin costume n into kitaro costume.to change her makeup n hair n everythin fer her.n even more so fer zhunian.to help her out in the changing room.to try to wipe away the OIL based makeup fer gym -eeeeeks haha- n apply our powder based gold ones. to help eveyrone secure their sashes to make sure it doesn drop when they jump.n then to sneak outta the stage doors during the tap performance to run thru the whole thing once in the stairway cox i had no time whatsoever before that to prac : p those were pretty kancheong moments.. n of course to warm up my mouth to smile properly haha.was so much more afraid fer kitaro than miao.cox miao was like e ultimate liao.i know it inside out haha.all these are memories ill carry with me..

morover, another major player in this dancengt was my toe n injured foot.sometimes i wonder why i put myself thru all this..the pain during practices, and the pain after runnin offstage.the foot just trembles on it own.n of course. the toe is all red n swollen.can hardly walk.need to like tape it up after performance.but i dun wanto tape it fer the dance cox somehow it affects my jumps. n im not goign to risk that at all.i guess if theres anythin.at least finish the dance n get offstage.i remed how after i fell at pac one day before performance i really wished i could just die there.things seemed to b falling apart.but the one plus hour call with u helped loads..took my mind off the pain n suay-ness at e veh least..its not easy.

anyway heres a huge huge thank you to all u darlings who came down to watch n support.fer all the beautiful flowers notes chocs hugs and photos haha.to rach n jiang.thanks fer ur bouquet!to leeehui.my darl lab partner.i loved ur flowers.to shiyun n umin.the cards in my wallet!to limin.i absolutely enjoy squishin the penguin.to classmates who came down.xie xie xie xie xie xie!to 25ths thanks fer everythin!

special shoutouts will come in my next entry.but i really hoped everyone loved the dances.i hope we showed u e meaning of dancing.n i hope.it was a performnce to rem.becos it is fer me.n it is so.becos of u all.thanks once more..