Sunday, March 13

i dont even know what im feeling.some things shuold just really be left unspoken.its not your fault really.so dun apologise.its hard to say.it really is.
what am i saying.i dun really know.mayb im just lying to myself to make you feel better.but does it really matter.maybe it doesnt anymore.
words dont come easily anymore.i think so much more before i say anythin.and it hurts doesnt it.someone so close.yet ultimately out of reach.or rather.i would say.i locked u out myself.id rather not reach you since i know it wouldn work out.cox somewhere deep inside.id rather it not.
dumb.so dumb.wun you let me go.esp when i let myself go.
i wanto be irrational for once.just let me.why does my head make decisions.when my heart hurts.isnt it better if i just heck and couldn be bothered.even if the sky fall. ill stil heck.but no it doesn work that way.ill always think think n think.

thanks fer listening to me.
xie xie ni yi zhi zai wo shen bian.i dunno what i would haf done without u.really.
min ill post it tml.n congrats wenli.happy fer u.

n i love u.