Friday, June 10

hrm. its 1.25.n im readin doubleindicator method.think its some make up fer it mentality.cox theres 403classgathering tml.n like all e rest of my darls who swear by our class -yayy- im not gonna miss this fer anythin.haha.so i thought id better mug a lil to make up fer tmls party.this weeks partiesss, rather : p

sigh.i dunno how to describe what im feeling.worried i guess.i still maintain dan xin is more apt-yes i know its direct translation.but e feel of the dan xin is more suitable : p-anyway.buddy dear ahh. i just really hope u will listen to me. n pls. just pls.dun go tml.stay in n recover.this has been draggin on fer like.eons la.if u cont like dat it will become fullblown then it will b worse.just. dun overexert urself n pls zhao gu ok.im just really.xin tong n dan xin to see u sick : p esp when u have so many other things waitin fer u to get well so u can do them. but nvm.just noe ill b here fer u yupp. fer a dose of happiness. haha :D

had pip yester.besides the total sense of loss that i cant jump into the pool.stupid healin toe haha.we had a whacking fun time. expected. n quite touching too haha. certain parts were hilarious. some were pure retarded.most just said one thing. when u put 2 councils together. n sing the barney song. u get one big happy family:D -with a multitude of crossdressers n blingbling experts haha:D-. whether its buddies.ogls.friends.or ppl collectively -n lovingly : p- named 24ths :D its been 2 long mths since that fateful three days tt bonded us together. i dun think i did. or ever will regret. so thank you:D n of course fer my fellow batchmates.we r in everythin together!

a lil tribute since im feelin somewhat.smoky rgt now.403. is a class to rem.every single member of threerocks. is a superstar to me -rem our yrbk layout babes:D- whenever i think bout fourthree.its bitersweet memories.more sweet than bitter actually. but mostly its this immense sense of warmth.somethin creamy.somewhat like a bi feng tang.-mayb tts e emotions u get frm sticking with this class thru stuff like netball carns.prelims.os.n all those retarded functions n days where we jus pop into class.sleep or crap thru lessons.attempt to chase jun outta class during recess fer what hurr. n stuffs like tt.checkin e classtray even haha-its gonna b great tml. fer us. all we need is a place to leave our butts. some ice cream -yummy- n our mouths. i think thats enough fer us to spend one splendid night together.oh yes. lets not forget the cam haha-rendevouz in bout 12 hrs :D-

its been quite an interesting first half of e week.lookin forward to a packed w parties next half haha.now its time fer chem again.time check:1.49am..nights.


n i love you too.