Monday, October 31

yesterday i was tv surfing when i found this pretty interestin taiwan serial on channel..u i think which was bout some ballet dancers.. ok actaully the whole episode i watched yester had bout 5 mins worth of dancing in it with e usual a loves b b loves c c loves a story. with abit of disease n alot of heartbreak put into it haha.but the way the serial was presented was quite interesting.. it was somewhat artistic haha.a particular character in the serial did his part really well i must say. just a few mins n u feel sorry for him alrdy: p

ok i haf no idea why i mentioned the above paragraph haha. but if one day u r too free u may wanto go over.. its at 1230 am on sats(or sun rather ; p) n its well. keep in mind its an ou xiang ju haha.

i thorougly enjoyed this weekend ahha. becos i dint do anythin constructive at all. ok unless u count housework n cooking n other mandatory n mundane stuff which i do every week anyway haha:D okok i did a 1000piece jigsaw in like 8 hrs? haha. its damn fun!!! : Dn u get a great sense of achievement when u complete it ok. just becos it irritating whenu cant find one piece doesn mean its not fun:D n its the challenge tt counts ok u: p -n u noe who u r haha-

yawnn. theres chidance kbox tml! our official second outing tml. if u count the post syf dinner-celebration as the first ahhaa. haha. everytime i think of this cca. i thank fate for puttin me there.for giving me a part to play in it. for well. givin me fated wenli se von kang kang char n everyone who has taught me so much n given me so much.thankyou.

buddy-u better focus n study hard n dun make me volunteer to stay up to wait for u to go sleep silly buddy!dun lose steam ok!its going to b over n done well veh soon. dun worry!

this is really random but i must tell julio just how jealous im of him. hes going on hol next week!:p tai xian mu le.oh n in that case its too bad u miss the treat. dun blame me for delaying ur birsthday present again. not my fault this time!haha: p


this is super old song. n super nice haha. veh dancey.but not the oopmphy dance if tts what ur thinkin!haha. lsiten to it if ur free. nice:D wanfeng by sally yeh..

nights everyone.happy hols!
dui wo zhe me hao. zhi de ma.

n i love u too.