Sunday, March 6

heyy ppl.todays a real muggable day. good weather good env haha.did a whole day of phy n math tys..hope they help fer the tests..shucks.-jitters- haha.anyway.this weeks the result week. rgt? i think so... time passes so quickly.i can very clearly rem how freaked out i waas on mon. esp aft pang black-faced me haha. seems like there was some misunderstandin ni facial expression.she either thought i had so much confidence in myself i dint need hints form her. or i dunno what. haha. i thought i really wan wan le.in actual fact i dint... : D thank heavens.now its time to live life out in rj: D

anyway.. wanna take this chance to say a lil somethin to some special ppl haha.i hardly get serious. so mayb nows time fer some serious thank yous..

thank u shiyun fer sharin all mytimes with me.fer being retarded together.fer trusting n loving all e walks along e corridor.all e no recess de recess.everymoment ill rem..

thank u angie fer bein hyped yet deeply thoughtful.fer going heyhey in every conver.wo yi jing xi guai ni de cun zai.fer sharin everythin u feel.fer loving..

thank u youmin.fer being my tree.fer complaining n listenin to me complain.fer forcing me to eat-i rem e ham n cheese bread tt u cant fathom why i think its big : D-fer bein so originally u..

thank u dezhi.i dun even noe if i spelt it correct.but it doesn matter.i guess u noe as much as i do how much u mean.thanks fer e advice.thanks fer sharing. rem. i always keep my promises

thank u rachlover fer bein such a support.e ultimate cheerleader.n a source of security.becos i know. it wil b fine when u r there.n of course.fer bein my partner in crime..

thank u yings. fer whining.i dunno whether ill get used to no u whinin everyday.but i jus wan u to know.no matter what decisions u make.ill always b behind u.n i forgot.thanks fer being my motivation to do math : p

thank u jun.theres nothin i wanto tell u more than say thank u fer understandin how i feel.fer giving me e uniquely jun huggs.those that squeeze breath outta me.xie xie ni ai wo.

thank u trier.fer faithfully callin me xink when most 403 ppl interchange haha.thank u fer bringing so much life n fire into my life.

thank u daph. fer saying i know when to say e rgt things.n fer knowing ill b there.it makes life more beautiful fer both of us.

thank u 403. i love u all to bits.u taught me loads.u made me love u so much.i never wanna let go. some things wun change.i love u all.every single one.n as a class.

thank u terence. fer being my pillar yupp.n u should jus stop whinin mann. haha.stay u.ur gifts still on my hand.

thank u phuxion.
thank u 3p. im lookin forward to lotsa fun times together.hope we'll stick closer yupp: D

as matter of fact. i wanto thank everyone whos stepped into my life. its u who haf made me who i am.bu guan ming tian fa shen shen me shi wo ye bu hui fang qi ni.

n i love u too