Saturday, February 19

heyy.this weeks been rather xiong haha.but heyy.its sat again.my only otherwise sane day haha. just registered fer the imcb thingy.feelin veh sick n hence skippin e srp test later.besides its pretty pointless fer me to go so i wun feel any pangs of regret.zui zhong yao shi bu yao hou hui : D

been VEH happy this few days.-rather fri n thurs- cox it rained fer like one hour each day.just absolutely love rain.i love e sound e smell e feel e temp e presence.i love it.totally. haha : D jus realised i sound like some siao person croonin over rain haha. anyway. hope it cont to rain bigtime fer e rest of the month n fer e mths to come too hahah.

so many things happened in e past week.course there was vday n prac n work n bowlin fer columbine n band concert.n lots more.lots lots more..i suppose shou de yun kai jian yue yuan rgt haha.

shall leave another chunk of chi words here. happy deciphering dears - change encoding to unicode-


n i love u too