Wednesday, January 17

hellos.. at work now but decided to drop a short post cox otherwise cobwebs will grow on my blog again.. considering tt i dun really go online much (or at all) nowadays hahaha.

yester my darling chinese dancers had a prac session tog. our first of the year and it was really quite hilarious. first we had kang kang who came in a flurry n started to complain n talk at a volume such tt the entire canteen could hear her hahaha. but i pity her feet n those uncomfortable shoes that shes stuck in haha. hopefully her shoes morph to fit her toes better><

then we had char who wasnt too pleased with the pay she gets. of cox la. who will be haha. then se's job is nice relaxing n she gets buffet lunches haha. fated is forced to go lunch n go home by her boss. im jus like that. huiqing jus came back from laos n is quite happy being free hahaha. linettes at gleneagles. so with everyone everywhere. jus imagine the amt of talking n yakking n complaining n everythin we did. its really veh funny. n i love them : ) i love my kumpung of highly flex dancers hahaha.

yes n when we finally started dancing it was more of stretching muscles that havent been stretched in like. 6 months haha. feels veh shuang even though its sore hahaha. ok no steps could b taught cox fated n i haven came up with anythin>< but nvm we will soon. i think haha. if not kang kang will chop us..

daddys coming back from china today. he jus went chengdu with us on holiday now he went again>< oh well. how lucky lor. the food/fruits/scenary r all veh good. n like. even the weather is quite good. except the fog tt id otherwise tolerable also la haha. which means i shall go to the airport later to walk around n wait fer his flight to arrive. bravoo :) airport trips are interesting cox u see so many ppl comin n so many ppl going. n its an interesting feeling seeing how ppl are received. n how they say goodbye. 其实离别未必要惆怅, 因为短暂的分离才会渴望重遇.


next week's work will b less reading n more moving around. oh well. 随遇而安 :D

ok. i better go now haha. take care everyone. esp those in tekong n those going haha.
不怨不悔 难有相同的感情给谁
对与不对 由时间体会
谁不是这样以为 骗自己忘了无所谓
却事与愿违 往事轻扣我心扉

午夜梦迴 怕景物憔悴
怎能不这样以为 没有你尝遍痛苦的滋味
是我太沉醉 让思念步步相随

我用情付諸流水 爱比不爱可悲

n i love u too.